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Amazing Homemade Hummus

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Our amazing homemade hummus is available at quality groceries throughout Oregon and farmers markets in the Rogue Valley. For grocery and farmers markets locations, click here.  Our hummus is proudly produced in Southern Oregon using the finest quality, locally sourced, organic ingredients available. Our local Oregon-grown garbanzo beans and Northern California olive oil is transitionally farmed using organic standards.
We pressure cook our beans creating an unmatched level of flavor, digestibility and nutritional content.

“If you consume this iconic Middle Eastern dip on a regular basis, you may think that hummus is hummus. Contrary to this common belief, though, not all hummus are created equal. With TonTon’s you won’t find a homogenous, low flavor dip like the highly processed commercial products in grocery cases. Tasters of TonTon’s hummus are taken aback at their first spoonful of the creamy, full bean flavor redolent with really fresh ingredients, such as garlic and parsley…as if they’re tasting hummus for the first time.”  -Barb McGee, The Local Dish